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Window Films

Tintsafe has years of experience in window tinting and working with top quality window films. These films provide invaluable protection for homes, businesses and vehicles across the entire spectrum of domestic and commercial uses.

Window films are nothing like the "tinted glass" windows, which really are just coloured glass. Tinted glass simply can’t provide the same protection from sunlight as window films, which are specially designed to provide protection against intense light frequencies and block heat transfer.

Elegant, tough and efficient window film solutions

Tintsafe window films are made of tough polyester polymer and metal-based materials. These materials are applied directly to glass using strong transparent adhesives which bond perfectly to the glass, providing an integrated, solid surface.

Tintsafe has over 60 choices of top of the line international standard window films, including the latest top quality modern designer styles. Whatever style you need, for whatever situation, we’ve got it.

The facts about window films

▶︎ Block UV light

Window films block 99% of UV light, providing skin protection for people and protecting materials from this dangerous high frequency light.

▶︎ Block heat

Window films block up to 78% of heat transfer, greatly reducing energy costs for office and home cooling systems.

▶︎ Long life window films

Modern window films don’t “bubble” or change colour. They’re long life products, designed to last.

▶︎ Tough and shatterproof

Window films are extremely strong and provide protection against shattering. They’re typically used as both safety and security features.

▶︎ Protection against storm damage

Window films are often used for protection against storm damage, particularly in northern Australia.

▶︎ Cost efficient

Window films pay for themselves every day in reduced costs for air conditioning and lighting. These savings can be worth thousands of dollars over time.

▶︎ Glare reduction

Window films can provide glare reduction up to 94% depending on type.

▶︎ The protection you need, where you need it

Window films are designed to produce appropriate protection for any situation.

▶︎ Green credentials

Window films greatly reduce carbon footprints by reducing energy consumption in homes, commercial buildings and vehicles.

▶︎ Improved visibility

Window films actually improve visibility by filtering out glare and enhancing the external view.

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